Reaching your goal with motivation and perseverance.


Your training takes place in a fully equipped private fitness studio, including towel and beverage service. Upon request, we are also happy to come to your home or to a park near you

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When creating your training program with a workout and nutrition plan, I take into consideration not only your goal but also individual muscular and/or structural deficits to achieve the best possible progress.

Your personal training will be conducted in english. 

The path to your well-being figure


Nutritional Counseling/Coaching


  If you're carrying significantly more weight than is healthy, or if you've experienced failure with numerous diets, then nutritional counseling is the right place for you. Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the well- being and health of your body. 

That's why nutritional counseling provides you with exciting insights that go far beyond what you find in cookbooks and nutritional guides. 

Food coaching is definitely worthwhile for anyone who has often failed with diets or for athletes and those with metabolic conditions.

Nutritional Counseling/ Coaching 

for individuals who want to improve their eating habits.

The goal is to maintain your health and prevent the onset of diseases. Personalized nutritional coaching for muscle building and fat reduction. 


Consultation Session:

60 - 80 minutes                               €120
12-Week Weight Loss Program       €900

Change habits and lose weight in the long term. With the 12-week program, you will be guided for 3 months, receiving new nutrition and fitness tips every week to help you achieve your goals without going on a diet.


The exclusive small group training in Berlin Mitte


From full-body workouts to back training and core exercises, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, male or female, you'll train in the exclusive Private Gym in Berlin Mitte, with the potential to have up to 80% of your training costs covered by your health insurance. The group size is limited to a maximum of 7 people, allowing your trainer to give you full attention, ensuring your training is maximally effective and motivating.
Classes are held weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, both in the morning at 9:00 AM and in the evening at 7:00 PM. Each session lasts for 55 minutes. The Private Gym provides changing facilities, a restroom, and a shower. Towels and a water dispenser are included. Please bring clean indoor shoes.

Courses can be booked for a minimum of 10 or 20 sessions. The cost per session is €20.00.

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